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What Are the Red Flags of Nursing Home Abuse


The moment a family places their elderly loved one in a nursing facility, the family expects that the seniors will be well-taken care of. Unfortunately, there are care providers that conducts unlawful and unethical treatment of seniors.

With the spike of the pandemic, the cases of nursing home abuse have also become rampant. That is why Orthopedic Injury Lawyers are here to represent you or your family when your loved one will experience the following in the facility:

  • unexplained broken bones or injuries may be from a bad or concealed fall or worse due to physical abuse
  • untreated infections acquired from injuries they suffered in nursing homes may usually fall in a lawsuit
  • Medication errors will be indeed a strong ground in a case of medical malpractice if the physician of the said nursing home is authorized for the administration of error medicines.
  • weight loss and dehydration since a majority of the seniors in a nursing home transitioned into malnourished individuals

As a personal injury lawyer in Hartford, Connecticut, we are here to help you. If you are suspecting abuse in the nursing home of your loved one, you can trust us to handle the case. We can investigate the matter, and if necessary, warrant any legal action for the settlement of the case. We make sure that you will be given the fair compensation you or your loved one deserves.

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