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Tips on Filing a Lawsuit for Defective Medical Devices


Every healthcare professional must make sure that the medical devices, especially surgically implanted ones, are of high quality and ensure the well-being of the patient. However, when they provide you with a defective device or one implanted the wrong way, then you can file a lawsuit against them for medical malpractice.

Here’s how you can get started on filing a medical device lawsuit:

  1. Collect Copies of Your Medical Record
    When you collect copies of your medical record, make sure to include the diagnoses that led the medical provider to prescribe or advise you to make use of the medical device. At the same time, keep the documentation of the injury or complaint following the use of the device.
  2. Hold on to the Device
    When possible, you should hold onto the defective device that hurt you, even if you have had it removed by another doctor. That way, you have actual evidence presented to you when you file the complaint.
  3. Find an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer
    A personal injury lawyer in Hartford, Connecticut, can help you file the lawsuit and guide you through the legal process of getting the fair compensation you deserve.

Our Orthopedic Injury Lawyers can assist you in the filing and processing of your lawsuit. We work with you to ensure a fair outcome and guiding you through the complex legal process.

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