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A Personal Injury Lawyer in Hartford Connecticut that You Can Count On
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About Orthopedic Injury Lawyers (O.I.L.)

With years of experience in the industry, we are a trusted partner for persons who just got involved in a serious injury with a different party. We fight for our clients from start to end to help them get fair compensation from the incident. Our professional lawyers are excellent in their field, helping clients achieve the justice they deserve.

Why O.I.L?

At O.I.L, we read medical reports, MRls, X-rays, surgical reports, and talk to Doctors every day. A shoulder injury can be serious and require surgery which will keep a person out of work for months or a year, choosing a good surgeon is the same as choosing a good Attorney. Protection of your body and of your livelihood is our goal. If you were hurt on the Job in an incident with a car, fall, or the result of a product defect, we understand the issues and work with surgeons to ensure fair, respectful, and positive results.

Our motto is serious injuries, personal attention.

Our Mission at Orthopedic Injury Lawyers

We fight for our clients until fair compensation is actually fair, and justice makes sense in a personal way.

Here at O.I.L, serious injuries demand personal attention. An upper extremity injury (wrist, elbow & shoulder) can occur on the job, in a fall or in a motor vehicle accident. A correct diagnosis is critical to obtaining necessary treatment. If you go to a Hospital or a Doctor and they know what’s wrong, you have a high probability of getting better. If they don’t know what’s wrong, the probability of getting better is much lower. Getting the best doctor from the time of injury is the same as getting a competent and experienced lawyer. At O.I.L, we stay hands-on from the beginning of a person’s claim to the end.