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Jeremiah Nii-Amaa Ollennu

MEET Jeremiah Nii-Amaa Ollennu

Starting out with honorable service as a corpsman in the United States Navy, Jeremiah has been drawn to helping seriously injured patients recover their dignity and personal worth.

Now dedicated to serving those whose lives have been devastated by tragic orthopedic injuries, Jeremiah’s commitment has been about responsibility and paying personal attention to clients suffering from life changing back injuries, hip and knee surgeries, and the complications that follow medical negligence by doctors and hospitals.

He values fighting for his clients with a sense of purpose and conscience. His guiding principle is to combine legal experience with a fierce determination to win the fairest compensation for his client’s orthopedic injuries. It means holding insurance companies accountable. It means taking the fight to those who may want to escape responsibility for their clients’ pain and suffering. This is what Jeremiah does. And putting the firm’s energy out for his clients is how he gets it done. Those who have suffered complicated orthopedic injuries and undergone extensive surgeries deserve the personal attention Jeremiah gives them.

Clients get the same tenacity Jeremiah gave to his fellow sailors and Marines. Serving alongside the bravest men and women, he saw the terrible and difficult circumstances that most families contend with after serious orthopedic injuries and complicated surgeries. At the San Diego Naval Hospital, Camp Pendleton in California, Camp Schwab in Okinawa, and at the Groton Navy orthopedic clinic in Connecticut, Jeremiah has worked with patients and families traumatized by incredible injuries and surgeries. There is no substitute for the happiness that gets lost when serious accidents happen. But the denial for fair compensation can be an insult on patients’ life altering injuries. This sense of unfairness, often perpetrated by insurance companies, is why Jeremiah became a personal injury lawyer – to make sure individuals are not ignored in their pain and suffering, especially not after someone else’s reckless acts.

Jeremiah started his law career as a law clerk at Middlesex Superior Court in Connecticut. He is admitted to practice in the District Court of Connecticut, and he is a member of the New York State bar. He has defended the rights of parents and children in serious child abuse, neglect, termination of parental rights and contentious family court cases. He has had over a hundred court trials in the Connecticut superior courts, and argued before the Connecticut Appellate court.

He lives with his family in Connecticut. He works out regularly, and loves cooking. His clients get an advocate who appreciates the rights and values they fight for.

Our Team
Orthopedic Injury Lawyers (O.I.L.) take a team approach. We bring together the best legal minds and partner with top surgeons, physicians, orthopedic practitioners, chiropractors, and engineers. Our principle is simple. Our clients have suffered serious injuries. Thus, they deserve personal attention to recover their health, financial and family dignity.